Foundation GRANVIA supports projects in the areas of social inclusion, as it has been successfully done by VINCI Foundation pour la cité in France for an entire decade and through its sister foundations in Czech Republic, Germany, Greece and Belgium.

Its aim is to contribute through its activities in the fight against various forms of social exclusion. It particularly supports projects that help long-term unemployed and disadvantaged job seekers find employment again or contribute to the development of solidarity in society.
The Foundation supports projects not only financially, but within the development of corporate philanthropy in companies that established the foundation, also by the so-called patronage. Each supported project has its own "patron", an employee of one of the founding companies of the Foundation, who becomes long term involved in the project.

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Foundation GRANVIA was established in July 2012. It was founded by companies that are involved in the implementation of the PPP expressway project R1-PR1BINA with French VINCI Foundation Fondation pour la cité ..

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Concessionaire of the R1-PR1BINA project


Meridiam Infrastructure
One of the shareholders of GRANVIA, a.s.
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Granvia Operation, a.s.
Operator of R1-PR1BINA expressway 

Fondation VINCI pour la cité
Foundation of the group VINCI, which includes the second shareholder of the company GRANVIA, a.s., company VINCI Concessions
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Company EUROVIA SK is a partner of Foundation Granvia since 2013.