Grant: €13 600

Area : Access to employment

Patron: Robert Morvay

The main activity of the project was the establishment of a children's club with a café, which was opened to the public in May 2019

English language course for children, kids cinema, Mental hygiene for mothers are just some of the courses currently on offer.

Stefani also organizes workshops such as Creative Hands - a Montessori pedagogy course aimed at developing the psychomotor skills of the child, learning shapes, colours, numbers and getting to know the world around them in a playful way.

Stefani emphasizes the importance of mother-child relationship, respect for the child's peculiarities and kind and understanding approach that underlies relationship education.
At the same time, Stefani managed to open the Protected Workshop for the production of small gift goodies. Since September 2019 there are two employees working there.

The project serves approximately 500 people per month from the above categories. More than 30 volunteers were involved in the project during the preparation of the café, the clubhouse for clients, the processing of documents, the refurbishment of the premises and the implementation and planning of the events.