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Grant: €15 000

Area : Civic awareness

Patron: Maria Makalova

For more than ten years, the BONA VIA project has been carrying out activities aimed at increasing road safety, whether among drivers or children. Foundation Granvia supported a unique idea of ​​educating people with visual and hearing disabilities in the field of traffic safety. At the same time, however, the project involved a 'healthy' community to bring it closer to the world of the blind and the deaf, detailed their barriers and obstacles to be overcome on a day-to-day basis.

Educational video clips, leaflets and structured lectures were created as part of this initiative teaching people how to navigate correctly and how to help the blind and the deaf at the pedestrian crossing and other peculiar locations. More than 700 mostly young people participated in these lectures. They also had the opportunity to learn the basics of the sign language.

In addition, the video clips were used in the nationwide White Pastelka campaign.

Part of the project was also to obtain a special simulator, where road users can check their skills and reflexes.