The Foundation provides the selected project with financial support and also with the skills and knowledge of employees of the founding companies through the corporate volunteering. Employee involvement (i.e. patronage) in the implementation of supported projects is one of the main principles of Foundation GRANVIA. For this reason, the Foundation supports only projects active in the place of business of the companies Granvia and Granvia Operation.
Patronage of one or more employees would help the project initiators with its realization and with finding innovative solutions. The patronage should be long-term and it is not time-limited.
Patronage can take various forms:

1.  Acquisition of knowledge and skills
2.  Procurement of supplies

  Patron can, for example:

  • Participate in the life of the organization (as a volunteer, as board member, etc.)
  • Advise the supported organization in management (accounting, commerce, penetrating new markets, communications, fundraising, human resources management)
  • Being a consultant in technical issues (safety, equipment facilities, legal issues, taxes, etc.)

or each supported project, the Foundation GRANVIA will monitor and evaluate both financial and human benefits of the support provided.