Submitted applications will be included in the selection process, which consists of several stages:

  1. Pre-selection round:

    The correspondent of  Foundation Via Pribina ensures the initial selection of applications
  2. Interview with a carrier of the project:

    Foundation Via Pribina correspondent responsible for examining applications and patron(s) will meet the carrier of the project, which has undergone a round of pre-selection, in his/her place of business. This first interview is to assess the feasibility of the project and confirm the possibilities of partnership. At the meeting, Foundation GRANVIA with the project carrier, define indicators and tools of measurement of the correct realization of the project. Financial as well as human benefit of the patronage will be assessed through these tools.
  3. Transmission of the Project to the Selection Committee and the Board:

    Applications will be evaluated by the Selection Committee based on the selection criteria. The Selection Committee shall then draw up a list of suitable projects and submit it to the Administrative Board to approve the financial assistance and sponsorship conditions. The result of the selection procedure will be announced to the applicants by the end of December 2012.
  4. Establishment of Partnership:

    If financial assistance is awarded, the project holder, patron(s) and Foundation GRANVIA sign an agreement of partnership. Correspondent of Foundation will assist the patron and the project holder in the coordination of project cooperation, in particular by organizing regular monitoring and evaluation of all activities.
  5. Summarizing the Partnership:

    The patron receives an assessment report at the end of the year; with the help of which he/she can evaluate the cooperation with the supported organization and based on the results agree on future cooperation.