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Grant: €15 000

Area: Access to employment

Patron: Mia Bajáková

Another grant from the Granvia Foundation went to Zilina's civic association Society for the Support of Regional Development, Employment and Tourism. Longterm activities of this organization are aimed at marginalized groups of people, such as disabled, unemployed after the age 50 and seniors. The association has been involved in activities in the field of social inclusion for the past 14 years.

Immediately after the project was launched, the organization began to address other similar entities, institutions, offices, clubs and associations that work and associate disabled citizens and job seekers. At the same time, they approached several travel agencies as well as educational institutions. The objective of these new relations was to jointly help to involve these groups of people into labour market and social life.

The organization created opportunities for them to attend IT courses, communication seminars and courses for tourist guides.

Thanks to the varied activities of this project the clients obtained greater self-confidence and expertise, which they can now apply in real life.